maddy & me designs

According to Sue Clark, owner of maddy & me designs, she needed a solution to an expensive problem:

“For years, my website was hosted by a large company that was charging way too much, but what did I know? I designed the website using their tools years ago, so it was functional, but not great. In addition, this monolith was auto-renewing services months before the annual renewal date. It was daunting and confusing and expensive! (Lesson learned: read the fine print.) LW Creative worked diligently to move my hosting to a much more reasonable and economical platform. It wasn’t easy, but Lois and Don did it. And, while I dream of a luscious new website, my bright and simple landing page is a perfect, economical way to keep a web presence and direct customers to my Etsy shop. Now – for about a third of what I was previously paying – we have a web presence and someone to call if there’s a website glitch. Perfect.”