The Cabinetry website

A “design crisis” brought The Cabinetry to LWCG for a website re-do. Spectacular photos make this website particularly beautiful and inviting.

“...We were in the midst of a design crisis with another Designer who was taking too long, and did not share the same design esthetic as The Cabinetry. We had no website because we had replaced our old website with this non-functioning disaster. Lois came into the project and was able to get the new website designed, and up-and-running, in such a short time. We were so relieved and impressed with her work! She made the whole process easy from start to finish and was always available to help answer any questions and concerns that arose. She was very knowledgeable and always made sure to accommodate our requests...Thanks Lois!”

- Tara Callow, Design Assistant & Project Manager, The Cabinetry

Visit site, gorgeous photos!

Lost touch with webmaster, needed new site

The Cabinetry Hingham kitchen and bath design studio