So Shore Stars website, allows editing

We love this website! South Shore Stars is a great organization that provides high-quality early education and youth development programs for communities south of Boston. They had a good-looking website designed by college interns that they loved the look of, but once the interns were gone, staff couldn't update it. They turned to a webmaster to do the cumbersome (and expensive) coded updates, which really added up. Enter LW Creative Group. We revamped the site, enabled in-house daily updating, while maintaining the original look the Stars loved. Staff now do frequent updates themselves, including a calendar of events, photo gallery, list of programs and much more without having to call in the experts. We made a great-looking website WORK better. We can do it for you, too!

See their new website

We kept their existing look, but they can now edit the whole website themselves.

South Shore Stars website